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Richard Williams

Do you have the baffles in on both sides of the radiator? My 48 ran hot till I put them in. Also there is one in the top of the hood as well. These make the air pass through the radiator rather than around it. I also rodded out the cores too. My 48 now stays at mid range on the gauge. Rich W.

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Did you take off the side plates and clean the gunk out of the block?


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I've been having overheating. I put in the air dams, backflushed the block and radiator, installed a thermostat ( there wasn't one), and I still had overheating. I counted the fins in the radiator and found it to be 7 fins per inch. I know I still need to check the timing and carb adjustment but I didn't want to smoke the engine before I got everything fine tuned so I installed an auxiliary fan in front of the radiator with a 140 degree temp switch mounted on the radiator. Fired it up and about the time the block got up to 220 degrees the aux fan kicked in and the temp dropped down to mid scale on on the Dash. The block temp dropped down to about 180 degrees. I'm making progress. I'm very thankful for all of the great information that everyone has posted. I would be lost without you.

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