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When I did the round cluster guage and speedometer restoration, I was also trying to figure out the best way to get them apart. I started with the speedometer because I had two of them, I figured to learn on one and do the next one properly. I started on the flat bench and used a 12 inch square piece of dense carpet pad. I then laid the speedometer glass down on the pad. I realized that the chrome bezel must have been pressed on and crimped with a machine. I used a 10 inch older flat blade screw driver and ground the blade down very thin. I then held the speedo very tightly with one hand as I worked the blade between the bezel and the housing. Slowly I turned the blade sideways to force the bezel outward, it causes the backside of your bezel to be jagged and pointed out every quarter inch or so. It will take about a half hour or so to get all the way around, and then you may need to go around again to open a bit further. Then be careful to remove, as you do not want to break the glass. If the bezel needs to be rechromed, send it out. Now you can restore everything inside by re-painting and with new decals from our clubs fine suppliers. Once you have the inside restored, now you need to get that bezel back on. I used my bench vise, and here is how I did it. You do not want to mar the bezels chrome finish, so I started by covering the vise jaws with plastic electrical tape, I believe I used 4 layers of tape on each jaw, and I stretched them on so they would not move. I screwed the vise jaws in so they were approximately one quarter inch open, and maybe even three eighths to start with, I then placed the glass on the housing, and set the bezel back in place. I then placed the bezel on end at one side of the vise jaws. Now put presser on the top of the bezel with one hand and roll the bezel slowly across the jaws of the vise. You should now see all your jagged edges closing in on the housing. Now keep closing the jaws a bit at a time, and then rolling with pressure. It should take about four times around to completely close it up as it once was. Hope this helps, I did end up restoring both speedometers at the same time, they both came out very well.  Jeffrey Ackerman

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How do you personal message someone?  Kent

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So...back to the subject please. Dave I PM'd you. Haven't heard back. 

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