Re: Steering wheel removal

L.E. Hardee

The washer halves may fold or slip and damage the steering wheel.  I believe the bearing separator idea, while along the same principal, is superior in that the two bolts keep the halves from folding and the added advantage that the little taper on the backside of  the separator may act as a wedge between the steering wheel and the steering column as you tighten the two halves.  Any extra separating force is a benefit as steering wheels can be hard to get off.  I attached a picture of a bearing separator.  They are not too expensive to purchase.  Also some auto parts stores have a tool lending program for their customers.

On Mon, Oct 14, 2019 at 3:51 PM Ron D. <rdole417@...> wrote:
The next thing I will try is this. I took a large flat washer, and cut it in half. I want to slip the two halves behind the wheel, and use a 3 jaw puller. I already have a thick 5/8 fine nut screwed on, to protect the threads. This way, the jaws will pull on the metal washer instead of the plastic of the wheel hub. The washer I cut was too thick to fit between the wheel hub and steering tube.  I then went camping for 4 days, so I hope to get the washer ground down a little thinner tomorrow. 

Now that I read Butch's idea, I think this should work about the same.

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