Re: Question about installing new brake linings on a 47

David Reina

Hi Fred,

Thanks for writing and also calling with the info about the long and short shoe positions.  I’m up in Boston tonight at my father in laws house where I’ve had my 47 sedan tucked away in his garage.  Last night I finished riveting four pairs of linings.  I had brought the car up from New York two summers ago to participate in Charles Gould’s three days microcars event.  Part of the event involved a tour through MA of almost 100 miles. Just before bring the car to Boston I had installed new brake cables and new metallic woven material shoes. I worked several days trying to get good stopping performance from the new parts but could not achieve a crisp stop. During the microcar tour I was not happy with the braking. It was scary when there was a stop sign at the bottom of a hill. Every time we stopped on the tour I was under the car trying to adjust the brakes tighter. I was hoping they would improve as they bedded in. No luck and on the return part of the tour a front lining came off the shoe (probably from heat softening the epoxy bonding glue). This locked up the front wheel and upon inspection caused the cast iron shoe to break in many parts.  I hate to admit but it’s taken me two years to get it together and try and fix the brakes. I did use 3/16” material which I bought some years ago.  My friend Jak gave me a bunch of old brake shoes so I could reline. them in my shop and have them ready for when I got to Boston.  My cars shoes were cast iron. I know that there is also a steel style shoe and I also noticed that there is a third varient. It’s a cast iron shoe which uses a different shape where the shoe meets the cam. Instead of the plain flat edge this other style shoe has a half circle cut away on the center of the cam edge which fits against a different style cam. I’d never heard of this before.  For my job I only used the straight edge style   I had a good selection of shoes to pick from. All but one was riveted. Two in the batch had broken in the past and were brazed. I didn’t use them although the had held up ok. One  shoe was glued and that shoe had no rivet holes drilled through. All the riveted shoes were about 8 1/8” in length and centered on the shoes. I didn’t have enough information last night to figure out long and short linings. It seemed that if you go with a short lining you will miss one rivet hole on the shoe.  I am concerned hearing from the discussion that the 3/16” material may be to tight to fit in the drum.   Again, thank you for your advise. I’m hoping that by Sunday I will have working brakes.  Dave

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