Re: Steering wheel removal


Since no one has addressed this in a nondestructive manner, Service Motors does or did, rent a special puller set for removing steering wheels, without damage.

Lacking that, you can use a bearing puller/separator plate, assembled with the flat side to the bottom of the wheel.

Then use a gear puller, attached to the separator plate, and pull against the nut (preferably with a flat washer on top of the nut).

It's a but awkward to maneuver, having an extra set of hands helps, but it can be done.


On 10/6/2019 5:26 PM, Ron D. wrote:
OK guys, lets hear your best way to remove a steering wheel, without breaking it. I tried screwing a nut on, close to the wheel, but not touching it, then screw a bolt down in the nut, and snug it against the steering shaft threads, and pull up on the wheel while hitting the bolt with a hammer.?? Didn't work for me. I have been spraying it with PB Blaster for several weeks, but that hasn't helped either.


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