Re: Steering wheel removal


Ron,  I have removed two Crosley steering wheels while restoring the cars they were on. Both of these restorations were done on vehicles that had always been stored inside. One of them simply came off, with gentle tapping, after unscrewing the nut. The other one, acted exactly as you describe. I tried the penetrating oil, I tried a steering wheel puller, I made a heavy round "tapping" block to fit around the column, so I could evenly slam the wheel backwards off. Through all this, of course I did not want to damage the threads. NOTHING worked !  That thing was not budging. I happen to have an extra wheel on display in my small Crosley museum. I fired up the cut off wheel, and carefully removed the wheel. When I got down to the center area and had cut as close as possible, It still took a hammer and chisel to get that bugger off. I was successful in not damaging anything on the column. You may need to do the same. Jorn Jensen from PA. has the correct Shellar wheels available for around $120.  Best Regards,   Jeffrey

On Sun, Oct 6, 2019, 5:26 PM Ron D. <rdole417@...> wrote:
OK guys, lets hear your best way to remove a steering wheel, without breaking it. I tried screwing a nut on, close to the wheel, but not touching it, then screw a bolt down in the nut, and snug it against the steering shaft threads, and pull up on the wheel while hitting the bolt with a hammer.  Didn't work for me. I have been spraying it with PB Blaster for several weeks, but that hasn't helped either.

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