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Here are some photos and a couple of measurements for the hydraulic coupler. If I left something out ask. The coupler is comprised of a pulley mounted 3 pin adapter, fiber coupler and a metal adapter that goes on hydraulic pump shaft. The fiber coupler is .4" thick and 1.85" in diameter. The studs on the hydraulic pump adapter and pulley are 1/4" in diameter and 7/16" long. First picture is the mount for the pump, pump and coupler. Rest of the pictures should be obvious. I always thought a coupler that could easily be disconnect without tools would be nice but not much room.

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Thanks Jim.  I will take the paint formula to the auto paint store.  I need the whole coupler.  I would appreciate photos of your coupler. 


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If you're talking about the green that most FORs are painted it was unique to the FOR and doesn't show up on the paint chip charts or lists. I have a formula that was matched to the FOR Green by Paul Gorrell in 1998. Here are my notes.

As matched by DuPont for Paul Gorrell
Use Centari single stage label

Cumulative Mix
1650A 3-Centari
Mix size: Gallon
758 S Drier                     196.9
725 A Iron Blue              454.9
705 A Black (HS)              1280.7
700 A White                     2487.2
738 A Lt Yellow              3938.8

Non Cumulative Mix
Mix Size: Gallon
758 S Drier                     196.9
725 A Iron Blue              258.1
705 A Black (HS)              825.8
700 A White                     1206.5
738 A Lt Yellow              1451.6

The numbers on the left are the code numbers for the various tints used ie 725 A is specific for Duponts Iron Blue.   The number on the right is supposedly the number of grams of that specific tint that is added to the mix.  In a cumulative mix the number is the total number of grams in the mix added so that the scale can be read at any time.  In a non cumulative mix the number is the individual number of grams for each tint.   Numbers geeks like us will quickly realize that if you add the non cumulative numbers, you get approximately the cumulative numbers.  I would guess the variances are in rounding.

I don't have part numbers for the axle seals but I thing Service Motors have them in stock if you call or eMail them.

Do you only need the part of the hydraulic coupler that is attached to the pulley or the whole coupler? I don't know where you can get one but I can take pictures of mine and they could be fabricated, fairly simple design. I have never installed my hydraulic pump because I was told that if you drive your FOR at speed you will burn out the pump, don't know if that is true but I do drive mine at road speeds and don't need hydraulics.


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Hello, I am working on restoring one FOR from two incomplete junk ones.  Have some extra FOR parts for trade/sale.  Questions;
1.  What is correct paint code for original light green body color?  Island Green, Ocean Foam Green, or Dark Green?
2.  Where can I find rear axle grease seals?  Part number?

Looking for front pulley coupler for hydraulic pump.


Jeff in Sacramento  <20190801_104240.jpg>

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