Re: Car jack

Jim Bollman

Never noticed the different length of the non threaded part. Mine has a new home now so I can't measure it.

I don't have show cars to display a jack and would never jack a Crosley up with an original jack. I don't even carry a jack in the FOR which will probably bite me now that I admit it. When my wagon was on the road I carried a scissor jack. For just a good jack to use that doesn't take up m much room I would probably consider a Ford pickup truck jack, not sure what they use now but they used the same style from the late 40s to at least 2000, I have several around for general use.

On Sep 15, 2019, at 7:55 PM, Kenn Cahill <drkenncahill@...> wrote:

Mike, your jack is what I am used to seeing. If you use the handle as a unit of measure, it looks like Jim’s had part of the unthreaded part cut off, or it was just never as long to begin with.

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