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Jerry snd Kathy,  Welcome, I believe a fella came to the national meet one year with a Packard, hauling a small trailer with a Crosley on it ! If you are able, I highly recommend the West Coast meet, It will be in Pacific Grove this year. Great bunch of folks with some very nice Crosleys. Well worth your time and effort.
Jeffrey, Vice President, Crosley Automobile Club

On Tue, Jul 16, 2019, 8:20 PM Plandersen <pkandersen@...> wrote:
Welcome.  I live in Central Washington.  Little town of Royal City.  I am actually the mayor now.  Kent

Kent Andersen
PO Box 364
Royal City, WA  99357

Phone 509-346-1500
Fax 509-346-1540
Cell 509-760-5881
Email pkandersen@...

On Jul 16, 2019, at 11:28 AM, Jerry and Kathy <jkmcc@...> wrote:

Hi, new member from the Pacific Northwest (Seattle area),

Proud owner of a 49’ Hotshot and a Crosley powered welder. I also have 42’ Packard 120 convertible.

Looking forward to being part of the Crosley family!



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