Re: What not to do…or…the exploding oil filter.


Thank you for sharing. Good one to remember. Ted is the best.

On Sun, Jul 14, 2019, 1:06 PM James Hudson <jamespart7@...> wrote:

As a new Crosley owner and being one of those who likes to work on old cars (I also have a Model T Ford), I decided to change the oil on my ’52 SW. I could have checked the Crosley Forum for prior posts on this topic. I could have posted my own inquiry. I could have called the previous owner who has been available to give me tips on taking care of the car. I could have called one of the other Crosley People who have been so gracious with their time to give me advice on servicing this wonderful manifestation of Powel Crosley’s genius. But no, say I, what could be simpler than an oil change! I decided to grab one of the filters that I found in the box of stuff the car came with and without a further thought, spun it on, filled it up and gave the car a whirl. Oil filters make a very curious noise when they explode-difficult to describe. A picture is worth a thousand words.  Too late did I discovery yet another Crosley quirk-the oil runs in the opposite direction than most modern cars so the anti-drain back valve works as a seal

 Fortunately the engine ran for only a few seconds (it was never under load) and there appears to be no damage. A call to Ted DellaCamera and a new –correct –filter was installed. I’m back on the road thanks to Ted and hopefully, on to Wauseon next year for the 51st gathering.   To other Crosley newbies-this car is full of surprises! It’s still the most fun car I’ve ever owned, and the Club is second to none. Once again, Thank you Ted!

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