Re: Looking for VC rims/wheels

Steve Perry

In a pinch.. Harbor Freight sells a 12” Tire/Wheel combo that a friend used to get his Crosley rolling.. They are typically cheap. While you’re looking for good regular wheels.

On Jul 12, 2019, at 11:18 PM, SteveC <stevecournoyer@...> wrote:

I'm in need of better wheels than I've got. Long story short, I'm at the beginning of restoring a '49 HotShot. The car came to me as a roller but just barely. I've got to get reliable rubber on it so I can move it easily by myself because I'm in the middle of vacating a rented shop and moving into a new house/shop. The car is destined to be moved several times before it lands as my current project. I've got fresh 4.80x12 tires and tubes and my plan was to pull the existing wheels/tires, dismount the old rubber, blast and paint the old wheels mount the new rubber and move on. Upon closer inspection the wheels I have are beyond bad. At best I have two that are worth cleaning up.  The other two are so bad that I'm going to take some sage advice and move on from them.

Anybody got wheels to sell? '49 VC... Also does anyone reproduce the hubcap spring/holders that are riveted on? 

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