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He is the current guy but is fighting cancer.  He can’t work the week after chemo and then get tired real quick when he does work.  Hopefully in a few months he will be back.  The other guy left things in quite a mess, took money from people and didn’t deliver.  My nephew has been working hard to build back a good reputation.  He has done all the work for many years and I am sure he build yours.  Kent

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Interesting to know.  My Kubelwagen was built by them in 2007 before the management change.  Is your nephew the current guy or the former guy?  I bought mine used from another ww2 reenactor and I spent a year making making modifications to make it more authentic (ex. the kooble kars used trailer fenders instead of deep formed ones).

In my earlier post, I forgot to mention that that mark on the trailer floor is where I put the center of the front tire.
Mike S

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