Re: '47 light blue Crosley


Donna,  this will sound silly at first but if you have not yet wiped the Crosley off DON'T at least until you get a couple of pictures, preferably don't at all. whether you keep or sell it, a "dirty as found" picture is like an album of a child growing up. layers of dust are the provenance and add to the stories one loves to tell when being questioned about their little gem. in fact, you mentioned a barn, snap a picture of the barn, garage, shed, whatever to show where the blue Crosley has been resting and waiting. if you get to Wauseon and are not shy about talking to folks I'd bet you can find a ride or two in a Crosley. the experience will tie you even closer to your father's memory, you will be reminded of his sense of humor and individuality several times over.  thin skinned and uppity people are banned from owning a Crosley. a Crosley truly is  "A FUN CAR,"  oops, I mean "A FINE CAR" it says so right on the fancy trim.   Paul Rinehart

On 7/4/2019 12:49 AM, Donna Bomia wrote:
I think I Love Y'all,already. 🤗

On Wed, Jul 3, 2019, 5:45 PM Gabriel Haddad <super51.g100@... wrote:
Donna, if you're not that far away, come visit and take in the experience. Great people and great fun. Maybe you'll change your mind about selling it.😉

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