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Donna, don't be discouraged. Don't you dare apologize, your father was a hero, next time you visit the cemetery, salute and thank him from me please, another veteran, different war. Two Crosleys? Say no more about his sense of humor, you have said it all already. Kudos to you for trying to find a home for the car, many wouldn't bother. Pictures here might be your best bet along with a good description of the floors, interior etc. With Wauseon coming up in a week, you might find someone wanting to drive the hour to see. You are just an hour and a few minutes from Wauseon. Having pictures, description, and a price in mind now, posted for Crosley folks to see probably will get you the best audience of people with an interest. Is your brother close? Would he or someone else have the knowledge to try to turn the engine just a nudge by hand to see if it is stuck? Remember to put the transmission into neutral before trying. Maybe there is a CAC member in the Toledo or just north area who can drop by before the National meet and help you get an assessment of condition and identify the engine block whether original CoBra or replacement Cast Iron.  Paul Rinehart

On 7/3/2019 3:22 PM, Donna Bomia wrote:
Ty so much for your advice. I would love to keep the Crosley but have no where to store it or the means to making it top notch again. I live in LaSalle Michigan, a stones throw from Wauseon. I haven't a way of getting it there but maybe I could come down with pictures. My brother has the other Crosley our Dad left us.
I love my Dad even though it's been 2 years this July 9th that he went home. He was 93, a WWll hero and .... Sorry.
"Anyways, the car has never been in wreck. If that was true someone would have mistaken it for a tin can alongside a ditch!" LoL
My Dad had a great sense of humor!
Ty again!
Just maybe I might come and see Y'all, with pics.

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