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A couple of issues going on; 1, Crosleys are well known for the carbs going dry (both heat boiling the fuel out and leaking it out) when sitting for a period of time. If it's an extended period, often the fuel pumps seem to lose prime if the valves are good, I don't see how this happens, except the fuel boiling out due to its proximity to the exhaust manifold. This causes excessive cranking to bring fuel up from the tank and into the carb.

Starting fluid or a quick dump from a gas bottle (my personal choice) takes care of that and the faster speed of running vs cranking, gets it done MUCH faster.

2, Your choke should close COMPLETELY, with the knob pulled all of the way out. It's a quick adjustment to get it to do so.

The comment of "no gas smell", reassures me of the empty carb bowl.

A quick GOOD solution i, install an electric pump, back by the tank. It can either just have a button, for priming or can run full time, even to the point of replacing the mechanical pump.


On 7/2/2019 7:50 PM, PATRICIA GRITTI wrote:
Hi Butch
Thank you for jumping in.
The carb is a Carter WO, the one listed in the Crosley shop manual. The engine cranks a long time with no activity. Notice there is no smell of gas after the engine is cranked. When the choke is closed there is 1/8" opening between the choke and the carb wall. After the engine starts by using starting fluid it runs & idles fine.
On July 2, 2019 at 7:02 PM "Butch via Groups.Io" <butch46988@...> wrote:

Howdy Bud,

Please, better define you starting problems

Long cranking, without firing? Will fire, but not keep running? Will try
to run, but dies when you release the starter?

Also, what carburetor have you got, Carter or Tillotson?

More information, please.



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