Re: Starting Problems in Morning


Howdy Don,

I have built engines with that same camshaft, that Barry uses.

While it IS a very good cam, and offers a good performance gain, over the stock Crosley cam, it is FAR from radical and requires nor benefits from changes in ignition timing.

Now, please, better define you starting problems.

Long cranking, without firing? Will fire, but not keep running? Will try to run, but dies when you release the starter? More information, please.


On 7/2/2019 5:42 PM, PATRICIA GRITTI wrote:
If your suggestion to check ignition timing is to help me fix no cold starts with my Carter WO carburetor, Thank you. Unfortunately, there are a few factors that may working with ignition less than simple. When Barry Seel built my engine he said compression is + ten to one. That is why I use premium fuel. He also installed a cam that is "hotter" than a stock cam. After the engine is running idle is normal. Idle is not "rolly".That says the cam is not too extreme. With the above information would you suggest that I advance timing or retard it to improve cold starting?
Don Gritti

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