Re: Crosley Manufacturing Plant in Marion Indiana

Bob H.

I haven't seen photos, but there are plenty of references to be found online that there was a Marion plant. 

I found reference to this being the location:
Atlas Foundry Company Inc
601 N Henderson Ave, Marion, IN 46952

From here:

Here's a 1945 newspaper clipping announcing the plant:

That was just from the first couple of pages of Google results. Alas, no photos. 


On Tue, Jul 2, 2019, 5:25 PM Jim Murphy <lftrn97@...> wrote:
I believe that Crosley operated two automobile manufacturing plants in Indiana--Richmond and Marion. The Club site has a "Now and Then" page with Richmond but no reference or pictures of Marion. If the Company did operate in Marion as anyone seen a historical  picture of the plant?  And if so where?

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