Re: '47 light blue Crosley

Saltsgaver, Mike

The veterans here will correct me where I’ve screwed up, but here’s my take on it:  (BTW, you didn’t mention if you’re buying or selling this car)


#5)  Missing some or all glass, bad floors, bad upholstery, stuck or missing engine, missing title…..$250 to 500.


#4)  Good glass, workable (meaning they’re not totally trash) floors, workable upholstery, motor not stuck, with title……$500 to 1500.


#3)  It will run & stop (but maybe not in a while), useable tires, with title……$1500 to 2500.


#2)  Someone has already spent some time & money on it (decent paint, decent interior, runs & stops now)…….$2500 to 6400


#1)  A show car ready to enjoy right now……$6500 on up.


Again, the veterans here know the prices better than me.  I had been shopping since January & studying prices.  As mentioned, a lot depends on  what you are really looking for.


Mike S


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