Re: Speedometer cable into transmission

L.E. Hardee

The inner speedometer cable removes from the top only.  You disconnect the cable under the dash at the speedometer and just pull the inner cable out.  The outer cable is attached at the transmission by a clamp held on by one bolt.  After removing the outer cable, the speedometer gear can be removed for inspection or replacement.  The inner cable goes back in from the top side under the dash.  My experience was that the inner cable goes in easy until you get to the last few inches.  I had to twist the cable and push repeatedly until I got the right combination for the cable to insert itself into the speedometer gear.  The outer cable has a hard bend near the transmission to miss the car floor.  This is where most cables break.  That was such a problem on the VC's that a guide was added to clamp over the outer cable to maintain a minimum radius to reduce the stress on the inner cable.  A lot of people just drill a hole in the VC transmission hump and route the cable straight up to the back of the speedometer without bending under the floor and going into the engine compartment. 

When you replace the inner cable, most mechanics suggest you only lube the lower 1/3 of it.  If you lube the top of the cable, the excess grease can drip out on your legs as you drive. 

On Mon, Jul 1, 2019 at 12:31 PM Andy Farley <farleya1@...> wrote:
Ok, I'm stuck., My speedometer doesn't work and I can't figure out how to remove the speedo cable at the transmission. Initially the speedo jumped then stopped working. Just trying to fix it. 

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