Re: Trailer tie down locations

Jim Bollman

If you want the trailer for more general hauling/flexibility consider having E-Track installed front to back then you can put anchors where you need them and haul multiple things tied down. Cost a lot more than 4 D rings but handy. Besides 4 tie down hoops I have the E-Track finings to drop a 2X6 or 2X4 in so I can block the tires front and back.

On Jun 26, 2019, at 10:45 PM, Tom Gerhard <tom@...> wrote:

Big week here -- getting my (formerly my Dad's) '51 Super Sports back from Ted Dellacamera next week after many years in Dad's and then my garage.   Planning to celebrate with a new 7x14 enclosed trailer.   The dealer will install 4 D rings in the trailer for tie downs -- are there any guidance on where to put them?  I assume they would typically be near the front and rear and a bit inboard from the edges.

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