Re: Trailer tie down locations

Dennis Wilkinson

Hi: I would love to know more about these frame mount tie downs! Is there a place online that I can see what they are? Sounds like something I could use. Thanks: Dennis


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Subject: Re: [Crosley-Gang] Trailer tie down locations


You are correct on the location. While Ted has the car, have him install the frame mount tie down parts for you. He has them for sale, and you will be glad you have them. 


On Wed, Jun 26, 2019, 10:45 PM Tom Gerhard <tom@...> wrote:

Big week here -- getting my (formerly my Dad's) '51 Super Sports back from Ted Dellacamera next week after many years in Dad's and then my garage.   Planning to celebrate with a new 7x14 enclosed trailer.   The dealer will install 4 D rings in the trailer for tie downs -- are there any guidance on where to put them?  I assume they would typically be near the front and rear and a bit inboard from the edges.

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