Re: 12v conversion with alternator

L.E. Hardee

Andy, from the picture it appears that the water pump shaft is not quite in line with the alternator bolt.  I couldn't tell exactly which direction due to the angle of the picture.  While the flex hose coupling allows it to work, you will put side loading on the water pump bearings and seal.  If you run the car a lot, it can cause leaks and eventual water pump failure.  A spacer of the right thickness between the water pump and the crankcase with appropriate longer bolts would solve right to left alignment.  I am not quite sure how to solve any up and down alignment.

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Jumping on this general invitation to participate in the Crosley blog. Unfortunately, have CRS disease. That is why I join into existing threads & haven't started my own thread in a long time. If anyone would help me restore my ID & password I'd be very greatful.
Don Gritti

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Andy,  Glad you are enjoying working on the Crosley.  We are here to help in any way we can. Please post anything that you think will be beneficial to others.

On Wed, Jun 26, 2019, 12:02 PM Andy Farley < farleya1@...> wrote:
My solution to the water pump drive problem works. I'm just not sure that the bolt coming out of the alternator is really strong enough.  I'm just trying to make what I bought work. I've only had my Crosley for a few months in time I'll figure out a better method. Never had a Crosley before but I love these little cars. 


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