Re: Tires ?

Andy Drake

Tires come in a couple of different sizes and constructions. Many owners use off the shelf trailer tires in two sizes: 480x12 and 530x12, depending on availability, the desired authenticity, and how close to original they want the car to "feel." For the most part, these are bias-ply tires that require really high tire pressures and roll like the car is on rails -- meaning, really stiff. 530x12 is more substantial looking, and 480x12 appears thinner (because they are).

Other owners want modern steel belted radial tires, and those come in mostly metric 12" sizes. The sidewalls are quite a bit more noticeable and are mostly blackwall, They also look like something you'd buy now and probably have more aggressive tread versus the period designs of the trailer tires. By and large, if you put them on, they handle more similar to a modern car and don't feel quite as punishing to drive. They typically track more evenly and are generally more forgiving.  That said, many owners go for the more factory look of the bias-ply if they aren't putting tons of miles on the car and want that authentic appearance -- I have cars with both, but would generally go with radials if given the choice.

Be sure to get tubes as Crosley rims can slowly leak over time as they do not have sealed centers. Our long time tire vendor, Tony Smith,  can help with all this and even reserve a set of tires in advance if you pick them up in Wauseon. Awesome guy to work with!

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