Looking for a carb


Hello all,
After posting last time inquiring about a carburetor rebuild kit for our '39 coupe convertible, we have run into other problems.  I had a friend who does a lot of work on carbs for jet-skis take a look at it and had some problems.  He got is partially apart and cleaned it really well.  Had lots of soot and other buildup from gas decades ago.  He said he could only separate the carb about an inch and something was catching internally and was afraid if he tried to hard to separate it, something would break and be un-repairable.  We also have a very old book with about 6 pages all about Crosley maintenance.  We were attempting to adjust the set adjustment screws as the manual states but they are seized up as well.  In his past experiences, breaking those loose also causes future fuel leaks.  Long story short, the engine runs fine anything above idle, if we let the RPMs drop to idle speed, it dies.  Thought that a good cleaning would help clear this problem up and run better but it didn't.  He believe there is something else in the carb not working properly. 

So with his recommendation, I am here looking for another carb in good working order, or another carb to use for parts to fix this one if we break something when trying to fully separate the carb.  Attached is a picture of the carb currently on the car.

If anyone can help please respond to this post with contact information and myself or my dad will get in touch.  My grandpa (who is now gone) bought the car new and we really wanted to get it drive-able before he past but ran out of time.  So we would really like to get it up and going before we loose to much more time so my dad, his siblings, and rest of our family can enjoy this fun little car.

Thank you very much in advance!
 -Matt H.

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