Re: Tires ?

Spock Arnold

Yes bring them . There is a demand for original matched sets in good condition.  If you want to you can sell them in the trading post!

On Jun 25, 2019 7:07 AM, "Ron D." <rdole417@...> wrote:
Spock, I threw 5 regular and 2 snow tires on my tire pile, My 49 sedan that I inherited from my dad had what may not be the original, but that period tires on it. With tubes, the 4 mounted tires held air.  There was also 2 unmounted snows in the back. I bought 5 new radials for it, so I threw the old ones on the tire pile, never thinking that anyone would have a use for them. I am coming to Wauseon, so if someone is interested in these, send me a message.

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