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Spock Arnold

Mike, Tony Smith offers a variety of types and qualities. You can select from them.  They are at best 480 x 12.  The 450btire is made but tough to find and expensive.   Please keep your old originals as they have valut to those of us that do concours class restorations and need them.  They are not safe to drive on but are for show.   I for one would buy good originals to show with

On Jun 24, 2019 11:39 PM, Mike S <miso7@...> wrote:
Our '48 wagon came with 2 sets of tires.....One set of 480 x 12 trailer tires on trailer rims....and one set of what appears to be original 4.5 x 12 tires.  The pair on the front must be reproductions of the Goodyear super cushions, as they have virtually no miles on them,...... but the rubber looks old like they were old NOS tires (no sign of age cracking).  The 2 tires on the back are originals, but are nearly worn out.  

I see a vendor who advertises in the Quarterly offers tires.  What types does he have?  I've sent an email to them to inquire.  The spare tire is an old original (also a goodyear) but is no good.  I need to put a new tire on it & want to know what the options are.
Mike S

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