Re: Windshield wiper: going to show that can install?

Jim Bollman

To get you to the Nationals, and hopefully some help in fixing your wipers, try RainX on your windshield. I have used it for years on my cars with weak or broke wiper motors. Most rain just beads off as you drive and I have been in some pretty big downpours.

On Jun 23, 2019, at 8:39 AM, jane altman <bchjanead@...> wrote:

Hi, My crosley is finally road ready and I'm thinking of driving it to the show from SW Pa.  My biggest incentive to get it there is that I haven't found anyone around her to install my words so that they actually work correctly.  The motors were rebuilt, but the wipers aren't wiping correctly.
Anyone going to the show that can correct thus issue?  

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