Re: Pedal location on Super Sport

L.E. Hardee

You might try loosening the brake pedal where it attaches to the pivot arm.  Then see it rotating it slightly away from the gas pedal to gain a little room.  From the picture it appears to be canted a bit toward the tunnel.  Also the tunnel does seem to be larger than I remember on any of my VC cars.  I didn't go outside tonight in the dark to compare your picture to my cars though.  If it is indeed oversize, that would force your gas foot toward the brake pedal. 

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Actually, That transmission cover does not look that bad. That accelerator pedal is probably off a '47 Crosley or someone welded the plate on it. Yankee Crosley Parts has the new pedal.

On Sat, Jun 22, 2019, 10:11 PM Dennis Wilkinson <denkath@...> wrote:

From looking at the photos sent to me, I guess I need an accelerator pedal assembly too! Anyone got an extra?


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I pulled back the floor mat and it seems that the floor has been replaced and I am guessing a poorly made transmition tunnel was put in. I am trying to include photos that I took tonight. Not quite sure how I am going to make a proper tunnel. Any ideas? Thanks: Dennis


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I will try to attach a photo of the brake pedal shaft on my 1951 Super Sports. It is nearly straight with very little bend. Wondering if you’re Pedal shaft is bent?



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