Re: ORDERING SOME PARTS HELP Looking for help getting `48 wagon running for Nationals. Located in Toledo Ohio area

Todd Swangstu

I usually work weekends, hard for me to call.  I can try see if you are around today.  I am waiting to place good sized order now but just need to figure out which of those 3 parts I need to choose for my particular engine (without tearing it down)


On Thursday, June 6, 2019, 10:30:30 PM EDT, dale@... <Dale@...> wrote:

Give me a call this weekend and i will walk you through it. 866-449-0029 dale

On Jun 6, 2019, at 6:21 PM, Todd Swangstu via Groups.Io <oldvw@...> wrote:

So I am placing an order today for parts and was just curious on a couple things, I see there is variances in certain parts but no distinguishing between the engine they go on.  I am assuming there is different variations of the CIBA engine.

-fan belt large and small
-water pump to engine block 45 and 90 degree angle
-crank main seal rope style and round solid rubber seal

Is there any way to distinguish which of these parts I should order?   I did notice my engine does NOT have the oil fill-breather on driver side of the block if that helps.  Also here is a couple pics showing casting/serial numbers on my engine.



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