Re: Looking for help getting `48 wagon running for Nationals. Located in Toledo Ohio area



There are 3 "heavy hitters" in the Crosley parts business. The oldest & largest (and not because I used to own it) is Service Motors, now in Nevada. Second would be Dave Edwards, in Mansfield Ohio. Third would be Yankee Crosley Parts, Ted, in Connecticut.

It's good that you have an automotive/mechanical background, but as you said, all have their quirks and peculiarities, and Crosley has their share PLUS!


On 6/4/2019 8:00 PM, Todd Swangstu via Groups.Io wrote:
Great guys!?? Thanks for the info...I was dead on right with my assumptions what to-not to do.

-Yes I have both manuals bought from fellow on eBay.?? One is a restoration guide and other looks to be a copy of factory workshop manual.

-I am an ASE Certified Mechanic, ran a restoration shop about 20 years.?? My main forte was German cars.?? Was burned out, sold the shop and most everything about 5 years ago but now getting back into doing some stuff for MYSELF.?? So I have the skills but as you know with every new model, make you venture into there is tricks, tips, dos and don'ts you MUST learn.?? I have ZERO of that knowledge on Crosleys but will learn it all in a very short time.

That is what is so great about the internet and these type forums AND having a great club base for the model and make.?? The VW groups I am in are very friendly and THAT is what I also liked bout the Crosley group too!?? The atmosphere and camaraderie at all the National meets I attended was wonderful.?? Very nice, super helpful folks...and the cars are awesome too!

Ok so going to be venturing forward here now that I have a general idea of things?? I am going to order carb kit, tune up parts, and try and maybe some tires on the way asap.?? I will keep updating as I go along.?? I have a couple days free here but then back to work I still need to get a hold of Butch too...see what he thinks.??

Oh and on the parts, I recall two major vendors I think one was Yankee and the other...??? One was run by one fellow and I spoke with him on the phone..REAL nice guy seemed to have most everything.?? Can't recall his name and business....was THAT Yankee and the other Service maybe?



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