Re: Looking for help getting `48 wagon running for Nationals. Located in Toledo Ohio area

Todd Swangstu

OH it is!  Thanks for the info on that it had not even crossed my mind to check for that!

See these are the little things I need to know...simple Crosley 101 things that I could probably soak up learn in one or two afternoons with a long time collector, expert.  Each car, model and make has so many simple little facts and tricks you need to know.


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Todd, Remember that unlike the VW, the Crosley is positive ground.  

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Hey Guys!  WOW I just got home from a VW show today to see all these wonderful messages!  Thanks a bunch!  I have been a member on the list here for the past year and always reading...I too was surprised I got no response from my initial post, everyone on here is ALWAYS so helpful!  But musta just been a fluke...thanks for all the helpful hints and offers.  I am gonna sit down tonight after a late dinner and read over em all.

I have a couple days free this week I am gonna get out to the crosley (stored at buddies) and see if I can at least get her to fire-start do some preliminary investigating.  I do have the two books manuals available online-eBay as well as new correct 6V battery read to go.

..will update!

My engine....

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