Re: Looking for help getting `48 wagon running for Nationals. Located in Toledo Ohio area

Todd Swangstu

Hey Guys!  WOW I just got home from a VW show today to see all these wonderful messages!  Thanks a bunch!  I have been a member on the list here for the past year and always reading...I too was surprised I got no response from my initial post, everyone on here is ALWAYS so helpful!  But musta just been a fluke...thanks for all the helpful hints and offers.  I am gonna sit down tonight after a late dinner and read over em all.

I have a couple days free this week I am gonna get out to the crosley (stored at buddies) and see if I can at least get her to fire-start do some preliminary investigating.  I do have the two books manuals available online-eBay as well as new correct 6V battery read to go.

..will update!

My engine....

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