Re: Looking for help getting `48 wagon running for Nationals. Located in Toledo Ohio area

Dennis Terdy


A lot of Crosley wisdom shared to help you. One piece of advice I got from my brother who had 190+ old Porsches was: change the oil...not once but very frequently. Start it, run it a bit, change the oil. Start it run it a bit more change the oil.  I had a "barnfind" 2nd owner Crosley stored ??? years. Changed the oil maybe 5+ times first summer (maybe a waste of a few $) but 6 years later...runs clean and "0" engine problems for less than $60.


On Mon, May 27, 2019 at 12:53 PM Todd Swangstu via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Hi Guys, I picked up my first Crosley last summer after nationals.  It is a `48 wagon, ran 10 years ago but was parked in a garage and has been sitting.  I am sure it is going to need gas tank restored, carb, fuel lines, tires the usual gone thru. Not sure I am going to have the time to do it and have it running before Nationals which was my goal. 

Does anybody know of a member or collector in the Toledo/Wauseon area that does work on the side and could maybe help me out? 

419 705 3366

Dennis Terdy

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