Re: Hot Shot pops out of gear


Good info EXCEPT for: "Also cork plug at left rear of cover that held additional spring and detent ball [for 2-3 rail] probably fell out. Tap hole for 3/8ths-24. Blow out chips. Use set screw with lock nut to hold in spring and detent ball, both should be as close to 11/32nds dia. as possible with spring around 3/8ths long and pretty stout. Screw in set screw or bolt till snug then back off till 2-3 rail can move and lock with nut. Had 48 that needed this fix. Seb."

The original Crosley shifter, never had a ball and spring, under the "cork plug". That was there just to keep dirt out.

The only detents were the 1 spring and 2 poppets, located between the two shift rails.


On 5/28/2019 11:34 AM, Jim Bollman wrote:
Here are some solution from awhile back. First things to check are the spring loaded poppets in the top of the transmission


On May 28, 2019, at 11:21 AM, Mike Piera via Groups.Io <analogmike@...> wrote:


My modified Hot Shot won't stay in gear, if I hit a bump or get off and on the gas it comes out of gear.

The previous owner put in a remote shifter, not sure if it's this shifter or the transmission itself that is the problem.
The shifter does not seem to have any loads on it that would cause it to pull it out of gear.

Any experiences or solutions with these trannies popping out of gear?


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