Re: 12v conversion with alternator

Doug Daniel

     Summit Racing sells 12 volt automotive water pumps (the flow rates may be too high?).  Also,  1981 to 1986 Chevettes with Diesel engines drove a vacuum pump off the rear of the alternator.  You may find that drive more refined.   Driving a vacuum pump off the rear of the alternator on a Diesel engine car was common and I am sure there are other cars whose alternators would be worth looking at.

On May 26, 2019, at 1:12 PM, farleya1@... wrote:

I brought a 1948 Crosley wagon that had been converted to 12v With an alternator. They installed a bolt on the back of the alternator to drive the water pump. This is not a great arrangement. Is there a wat to drive a water pump directly with the fan belt?

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