Re: Wish me luck!


no problem Mike, I can be a cheerleader if you need. tell you stories to make you giggle.  are you perchance an in country Nam vet?  if so get a claim started as soon as you can move around, do it online and gather the paperwork to back you up, Agent Orange is accepted as a cause and a claim goes thru quickly.  I have combat PTSD and warned the nurses to knock on the door before entering. it seemed that every time a night nurse walked by I was awake and waved at them. one poor young girl became afraid of me, wouldn't come do vitals alone. I told her that if she knocked and woke me up we were fine, just not to walk in and surprise me.
yeah, I've been called an instigator before... get well quick it's getting to be Crosley weather fast.   Paul

On 5/12/2019 10:47 PM, Mike S wrote:
Thanks Paul.  Day nurse was a ex iraq vet built like a football player.  nice guy....night nurse....not so much but in all, not a bad experience.  Glad to hear you are doing well.  I think I have to wait for the catheter to come out before I can do the excersizes.  I started practicing before the surgery.

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