Re: 12” MQQN Trimrings: the results are in!!

christopher cochrane

Thanks so much for this review. I would love to see a side view pic with the rim with tire on. 

On May 12, 2019, at 8:07 AM, Dennis Terdy <dennis.terdy@...> wrote:

Thank you for the trim ring review! I’ve been looking for these for almost 3 years. 

On Sun, May 12, 2019 at 9:03 AM Vern Barker <romardb@...> wrote:
Why not let the supplier know of this . Even offer to ship a wheel for test. Then the collect ones would be viable.Be a good R&D project for service/Yankee.  
From: Dave Shipman
Sent: Sunday, May 12, 2019 12:35 AM
Subject: [Crosley-Gang] 12” MQQN Trimrings: the results are in!!
so I received the 12” MQQN trimrings from Japan and thanks to a close Crosley member, Paula Whitney and her son Scott, I was able to borrow a crosley wheel to put these trimrings to the test. The results are this:
1) super fast shipping out of Japan
2) excellent customer service
3) i felt the quality was great
Now for the bad news:
1) they went on fine, but didn’t quite fit
2) it sat about 1/4” above the rim-maybe slightly less
3) from the side view- they look fantastic!
it appears the inner lip of the trimring is bottoming out on the lower lip of the wheel. a person could trim the inner lip of the trimring about 1/8” to bring the trimring in closer to the wheel- but it would take a steady hand with a grinder.
All in all, it was disappointing that they came within a 1/4” to being a complete winner in my book, but the slight gap was a setback in the search for replacement crosley trimrings.
Like i said, they look fantastic from the side but you can see the gap looking down at the wheel from above or to the side. i feel they are acceptable for a daily driver but for show, i’m not so sure. I personally, will probably grind down the inner lip of the trimring to help the appearance but I have OCD and i tend to be too discriminating on something when others feel what i see is just fine.
I purchased 5 and therefore, have an extra to ship around to other crosley members who want to see for themselves- so if your that kind of person, send me a private email. all i ask is you pay for the shipping-which is a lot cheaper than from Japan!
Doesn’t anyone out there have a NOS set of crosley trimrings that need to go to a desperate man-me!?!?


Dennis Terdy

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