Re: Sliding windows sticking

L.E. Hardee

I believe there are tiny screws that go through the bottom of the double window track and into the metal to hold the window retainer frame in place.  I had trouble with stuck windows once and found the problem due to a screw head, that I didn't know even existed, sticking up too high. 

I worked for several years for a manufacturer of window channels for current production cars.  They sprayed krytox grease on the flock (the fuzzy stuff)  before they ship the channels to the car manufacturer.  It is supposed to lube the window channels for the life of the car.  Or at least until the warranty runs out.  LOL.  It is a teflon based grease so probably not original to Crosleys but might be a modern upgrade?

On Fri, May 10, 2019 at 10:01 PM James Hudson <jamespart7@...> wrote:
Hello All, I just took delivery of a '52 Station Wagon and am having a problem with the sliding windows. The rear ones are almost completely stuck and the front ones are so difficult to move that I'm concerned about breaking the glass. Has anyone had a similar problem? Any solutions? I've tried silicone spray which has helped a little on one window but I'm surprised by the lack of results on the other windows. Any advice would be appreciated-Jim Hudson

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