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L.E. Hardee

Jim, I don't remember whether this was my 2nd or 3rd crankshaft in that engine.  The first ended up in 3 pieces after a high rev.  Dumb high school kid trying to impress other kids.   Number two was a used standard crank that I had reground undersize in the original crankcase.  I put it together myself with the help of an older mechanic friend.  I was 16 at the time.  That one lasted about 6 months and just broke going down the road at 45 mph.  I figured that the crankcase was warped by the first crank failure.  Number 3 was from an old military generator that I bought for $15 because it had a busted block from freezing. It was the good steel crank.  I used the generator crankcase too.  It is still in the car today. 

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You were really humming along, by my calculation with stock tires, you were turning a bit over 6500 RPMs, since the stock engine is good for about 7500 (how long depends on the crank and how well it was put together) you were probably running out of power pushing a brick through the wind. That is why the VC models raced with the windshield off a lot of the time. In my dumber days, I took a broke in rebuild with a steel crank up to 7800 RPMs in second when the valves floated. Even then I didn't try it in high :-)


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Good video.  It was a nice intro into Crosleys.  One very small point of contention though.  The Crosley would actually do the 70 mph on the speedometer.  Back in my crazy teen years, I had the needle bouncing off the the 70 peg in my stock 1952 Crosley wagon.  It even had the original 13 year old Goodyear Super Cushion tires.  I picked a straight country road with woods on both sides to eliminate cross winds and waited until there was no traffic. The motor was wound tight and the car was about to lift off.  I held it at 70 for about an half mile before I backed off the gas.  It felt like a plane bouncing on the runway just before it leaves the ground.  There is no way you could get me to repeat that run today though.

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As I'm sure you all know, there is a dearth of Crosley videos on the web.  M. Park Hunter took the time to do an absolutely wonderful tour, start & drive of his 1948 CoBra Wagon.  It is a must see and I know you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Here's the link:


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