Re: WANTED: one crosley wheel

Dave Shipman

I live in the SF bay area, the reason i need a rim is that I purchased a set of the MQQN 12” trimrings out of japan and I need a test wheel to see if they fit. There’s no doubt that once i put one on one of my freshly painted wheel, it’s gonna leave some scratch marks on the inside lip of the wheel from the teeth on the inside of the trimring. so for the sake of me and the crosley community- i’m gonna find out if these nice quality-stainless steel trimrings work on the crosley wheel and post my answer. I had already ruled out a set from Mike’s hubcaps as too deep for the crosley wheel so short of locating a set of original crosley trimrings, these are my last resort. I see one of the members posted stating all I have to do is pay for shipping so i’m gonna message him and take him up on his offer. Thanks for the responses crosley gang!

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