which crankcase/oil filtration should i use?

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Hello friends again from California,

I have two engines to rebuild, one for use in my car, and the other
for a friend who is helping me work on the car and body, in exchange
for adding to his collection of various motors (his hobby).

I've already discussed the situation with him, and he doesn't care
which one he receives.

My question, is.....they are both Cast Iron Blocks, but I have an
early crank case with the wick seals and remote oil filter, and then
I have a new crankcase with neoprene seals and "new style" spin on
oil filter.

Both appear to be in perfect shape, oil relief plunger, etc, is free
and cleaned, etc. Which crank-case should I use and why? I've
heard some say the old "remote" filter will work better for oil
pressure, increased oil flow, etc. However I've heard the same about
the "new style". I've also heard the new style may plug, and Lose
ALL oil flow......

My question is: If you had to choose one or the other, in a car that
you plan to restore AND occasionally drive which crankcase (and oil
filter) would you choose if you had both options available to you?

Maybe by measuring the number of replies for one or another, I can
get a general consensus. Please reply with your input. Your
knowledge is appreciated. Thanks

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