Re: batterys

Steve Olinger

Those batteries may start it and certainly wont hurt the starter,  but you will pop the 6 volt  regulator and 6volt coil will need to be swapped to a 12 volt coil. If the field windings in the generator are swapped for the (late 50s Chrysler products) 12 volt windings and a 12 volt regulator to charge the 12 volt battery. Other ways to get 12 volt is run a 12 volt alternator and regulator with a rv (motor home) 12 volt water pump or  I have used a mid 50s chevy generator (& regulator) that ran a power steering pump and drilled a hole in the shaft to drive the water pump. These type delco generators are a little larger than the Crosley autolites so the bracket has to be ground out a little. Just a couple options to run 12 volt. Note all these 12 volt conversions are for negative grounds.

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