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I like the idea of a Crosley registry. I have discovered a lot about VIN (serial) numbers on VC’s as my serial number plate was missing. After much research I was able to find the number on the frame after sanding off some of the paint - VC10091. I am having a new plate made by the former owner of Service Motors as he still has the tooling to make the plates. Without the Serial Number California would not have registered the vehicle as a Crosley!

- Steve Cameron

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I'm the moderator for the 1966 Studebaker registry for the Studebaker Driver's club.  I think it's fun to attempt to log in all the survivors, although I have learned there are some owners who do not want to be on any type of list, not matter what kind it is.  They only made 8900 Studebakers during their last year of production.  I have less than 200 vin numbers registered so far. 
Mike S

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