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Bob H.

Well, my son and I got Dad's Super Sports running (and then replaced the master and wheel cylinders so it'd stop, too)! Looking forward to the national meet! 

Bob Hodgeman, Jr. 

PS: The hubcaps are back on it now, but we weren't yet sure if the brakes were good to go when this was taken. 😉

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Bob,   I also want to welcome you to the crosley gang !  As chairman of the national meet, here is your personal invitation to the 2019 national meet. July 8 - 13. This is the BIG 50 year Celebration for the Crosley Automobile Club. Bring your kid, and I promise a ride in the FarmOroad. My kid will be giving rides around the fairgrounds.

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Welcome to the Crosley Gang!  Various folks may tell you where to put the OBD II scanner. I won't. 

The most sophisticated electronic devices I have used on my Crosleys are a Dwell Tach and a timing light.  As I told my audiologist, my biggest worry of losing my hearing is I won't be able to tune my Crosley.  My son did put a stoichiometric sensor in the tailpipe after I set the carburetor. He couldn't  get any reading for emissions. I guess I did pretty well. 

Have fun!  

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Subject: [Crosley-Gang] New Crosley "owner" in Ohio

I'm new to the Crosley world, but have decided that I'd like to get my Dad's 1951 Super Sport running again. He passed away a little over a year ago, but owned the SS and two '51 Super wagons.

The SS was driveable until about a year and a half ago when I was driving Dad to a car show in it and it stopped running. We towed it the rest of the way to the show and it hasn't run since.

One of his wagons has already had the complete fuel system replaced from stainless tank forward and I know Dad suspected the SS needs the same treatment. I intend to get it out of Mom's garage in the near future and start going through it. So, I'll probably be back with questions!

I'm a car guy and have passed that down to my 18yo son, who's excited to help me get this thing running. My plan is to take it to Wauseon this summer, assuming we make progress by then. 

So, my first question is... where do I hook up my OBDII scanner and check for codes? ;-) Kidding!



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