Re: Looking for new parts vendors, leaking side covers, gasket set etc...

Spock Arnold

Todd, I believe both Yankee and Service Motors have gasket sets.  You will find their contact info under vendors on the club web page.

On Apr 15, 2019 11:49 PM, "Todd Swangstu via Groups.Io" <oldvw@...> wrote:

Hey folks, bought my first Crosley last summer after Nationals.  Didn't get to do much with it but start her up and put around the neighborhood.  We parked her for the winter and I went out to check on her today.  To my dismay I found green coolant sitting on the ledge around the seem between the crankcase and cylinder head assembly.  I am hoping this is possibly due to a leaking side cover or something.  Praying she didn't freeze over winter and cracked the block! 

Anyway I am looking for best vendors to deal with in buying a gasket set to try and reseal this engine.  Crossing fingers that is all that is wrong is a leaking side that a common thing?



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