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Here is the pre-registration form Terry. You can also look on and download the form AND the full schedule. Book a hotel early, this is going to be a very well attended nationsl meet. Several years ago we added the memorial picnic to the events. It is the final meal we share, outdoors, picnic style. We like to take the time to share stories of the members that have passed. You would be welcome to share your stories. 

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My father must have made an impression for you all to remember so many years later.  I’m glad to have went to the Nationals with him in 1997 to meet his friends.  You all are a great bunch.  😊


I remember helping him with several loads after he bought the dealership parts in 1972 in Kansas City, Kansas.  I know there are lots of nice parts that can be put to use.  No longer staying in storage.  They were purchased for the reason to keep them out of a landfill.  If I didn’t do everything I can to see his ambition through it would be a dishonor to him.


Perhaps I can try to attend this year’s 50th National and rub elbows with everyone and share stories.  Maybe even try to drag my brother along and bring the last two surviving Crosleys.  The ’51 coupe and ’52 Super Sport.  A collector that has the ability to warehouse the parts and some other that need the parts would be more than enough reason to make the drive.  Last thing I’d ever do is try to catalog and sell them on eBay.  My dad taught me quite a lot but I’d hate to pass off a part that is mislabeled.


What are this year’s dates and who do I need to contact for information and hotel reservations, etc??


Looking forward with great anticipation to seeing everyone again!


P.S. thanks for the photo, Dave.


Terry Mundy

Independence, Missouri


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Here is a nice photo of your folks.


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       First of all your father may be gone, but among us Crosley people, he is not forgotten.   I remember several conversations with him at Nationals.  There are several things you could do.  This year is the 50th anniversary of the Club and the National show should prove to be a big one.  As such you could pack everything up and bring it to The show and set up a flea market space to sell it.  You could also donate it to the club for funding of the youth project and we would sell it in our annual silent auction at Nationals.  You could offer it up as a lot to a collector or one of the parts vendors.  Or you could catalogue it and offer it piece by piece on the club site.  Finally and most troublesome there us always Ebay.

       Let us know how we can help you 

   Dave Anspach 


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