Re: Calling all water pump afficianados


I have both pumps. They can be had.....!!

Gary McFarlane

On Apr 15, 2019, at 10:58 AM, crosleyshortsport <crosleyshortsport@...> wrote:

Paula,   There are two types of pumps. Within the club, they are known as 4 bolt or 6 bolt pumps. The 4 bolt is the one with the ability to tighten a brass nut against the packing. The 6 bolt does not have the brass nut to tighten and is less desirable. I am thinking either your Dad or someone else used a similar pump and mated it to the correct bracket. I can send a photo of both types of pumps when I return home.

On Mon, Apr 15, 2019, 11:48 AM Paula W <paula_whitney@...> wrote:
Hi Jeffrey,

Do you have a diagram or photo of a correct Crosley 3-bolt water pump? I'm surprised at the news that this is not Crosley. Dad bought the car originally with a tin block engine. It cracked with only a few miles and they replaced it with the cast iron. I add this in case that helps in any way to cipher out anything about this pump. The only other work Dad had done on the car was some minor cosmetics after a fender bender. Of course I'm going by what he told me and his pencil notes he kept inside the manual.

The pump and small generator are both green to match the car.

Any chance they used more than one type of pump?


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