Re: Calling all water pump afficianados

seb fontana

I rebuilt a 4 bolt water pump..New bushing and shaft of SS..New packing and thorough cleaning of packing gland nut threads..Guessed at number of turns of packing, shimmed pump to correct lineament to gen and elongated holes in pump body so to adjust for/aft so pump impeller doesn't scrap housing..Installed screw type grease cup full of PMC high pressure lube..Upon running I had to tighten the gland nut several times in the first 500 miles or so but then leveled off .  The PMC lube would melt out and needed refill often but I figured small price to pay for pump longevity..Fast forward 9000 miles..Haven't seen a drip of coolant leak or have had to adjust the gland nut in the last 7000 miles.. Last year I found a water proof/high temp grease I thought may work so in the grease cup it went..Works well, only need about a 1/4 turn every once in a while, can't turn it if grease is not needed so it will last well over couple thousand miles; the tube of grease will last a life time!.. Nice to luck out once in a while..Seb.

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