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Robert Connearney

I bought a 1946 Stude pickup decades ago, that had a cracked windshield. I spent a couple of hours trying to put a new one in, and it finally became apparent that it might be possible to go from the inside out. Eureka! Always wondered if I had overlooked something obvious that would have made it easier to install using the "conventional" procedure. Thanks for finally putting that question to rest!

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Date: 4/9/19 10:19 AM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Re: [Crosley-Gang] CD windshield install

Didn't Crosley try to plan on an output of 120 cars a day?  What techniques or machinery would they have had to speed up the process of installing the glass on the assembly line?  I've watched old films of the Studebaker factory installing windshields (from the inside of the cabin on early post war cars) and was amazed at how ruff they seemed to handle the glass.
Mike S 

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