Re: CD windshield install

Hi Sandy,
First let me start by telling you it’s not going to be easy they are never fun. The only advice I could really give you is do not rope them in. Use a spoon and a hook and work it in slowly and easily. Use plenty of WD-40 or some sort of lubricant to use on the weatherstrip to make it go in easier. Another piece of advice is to make sure the weatherstrip is good and warm before you start putting it in that usually helps it. Are usually put both sides in at the same time and then install the center divider. As many as I have done it usually still takes me 2 1/2 three hours to put the windshield in. Just font get frustrated.

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Can anyone provide instruction, tips or tricks on installing windshield glass in a 51 CD.
Fighting with this ! Without success

Sandy Smith

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